Are you a 24/7 Online person?

We are living in a technology era. There is an answer for every single question in our mind but our brains are trained to seek answer from internet directly, we don’t even know the other options available to get our questions answered.

In my professional life we mostly rely on internet to know the trending technologies, to understand the technical concepts etc. We always felt living in a technology era as a boon, but after my resignation i realized that it’s not so.

After resignation, mostly i used internet to clarify personal life chores like cooking, finding remedies for illness, baby care routine etc. One fine day it stricked me that why we are searching most of the daily chores related things in internet?, Why we are not taking effort to know the answer from our elders or experts in their field directly?

Relying fully on internet is not the only way of learning. Humans are social animals so when we start approaching people to clarify our doubts/ queries, we not only gain required information but also a beautiful bond between humans become even more stronger in this social distancing period.

Next time when you have any queries or need any clarification think whether you know any field experts related to your questions. If yes, try to get their appointment and interact with them to understand the answer required in a much more deeper way. Keep internet as an last option to seek answers for your professional as well as personal life. Do share if you feel the difference in this approach.